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Meet Our Award-Winning Legendary EVOO!

Italy is known for its hot, sunny climate, rich volcanic soils, and ripe fruits – all things which make our extra virgin olive oils legendary. Bellucci takes it a step further, by ensuring that the absolute best olives are milled and pressed within hours of harvest, using traditional methods – producing only the finest authentic Italian EVOO.

We’re honored to announce our recent recognition at the NYIOOC (the world's largest and most prestigious olive oil competition), where our hard work was rewarded for the third year running! This year, Bellucci received the Silver Medal for our Sicilia PGI Organic.

Our EVOO is legendary – but you don't have to take our word for it!

We believe that transparency and verification build trust – which is why the extra virgin olive oils in Bellucci's Legendary EVOO Series are always:

  • PGI Certified. The Protected Geographical Indication mark identifies products which originate in a specific place, region, or country whose quality, reputation, and other desirable characteristics are directly attributable to their geographical origin.

  • Both our Legendary Extra Virgin Toscano PGI Organic and Sicilia PGI Organic have received their PGI designation from the European Union.

  • Organically Grown. You can rest assured – our Legendary EVOOs are all sustainably grown, non-GMO, and USDA certified organic.

  • Award-Winning. Our Legendary EVOOs receive the highest of accolades - in fact, our award-winning harvests have been honored at the NYIOOC for three years in a row!

    We're proud to be the recipients of a 2017 Gold Medal for our Organic Toscano PGI, and the 2018 Silver Medal for our Organic Sicilia PGI.

  • Bureau Veritas Certified. We've been awarded the ISO22005 verification – certifying that all of our extra virgin olive oils are exactly what we claim they are: 100% pure, authentic Italian EVOO – fully traceable from farm to table.

  • Guaranteed Fresh. Each bottle of Bellucci Legendary EVOO is stamped with its unique harvest date, so you know exactly when your bottle was born. And you can use our traceability app to follow your bottle back to the source – before ever leaving the grocery.

At Bellucci, we know that the best EVOO comes from trees rooted in the Italian countryside, and lovingly tended by hand. We believe that the most reliable indicator of a high-quality EVOO is its superior freshness and taste.

Our Legendary EVOOs stand up to the test!

For delicious hints of almond and savory undertones of artichoke and green tomato, try our Sicilia PGI Organic. If you've never experienced the verdant blush of first harvest, our Toscano PGI Organic celebrates the rich intense flavors of fresh fruit and spice. Both are truly unique, and unforgettable.

Each and every bottle of Bellucci authentic Italian EVOO is grown with heart, from the root up. So, pour more!

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