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The Ultimate Tailgating Menu | Pour More

The Ultimate Tailgating Menu | Pour More

There’s no need to forego time-loved staples and snacks - but pairing them with healthier options can inspire your team to level up their food game. Updating traditional recipes with more good-for-you ingredients can also help you score health points, without fumbling on flavor.

At Bellucci, we believe that great taste and good health are a winning combination. These recipes are some of our favorites - and guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Just pick one or two dishes from each section - and you’ve got yourself a sure win, this season!

A tailgate without something great on the grill is just a crowded parking lot - but hamburgers and hot dogs are somewhat overplayed. Both our Lemon-Herb Chicken Thighs and Grilled Flank Steak with EVOO Chimichurri can be prepped and marinated the night before - and grilled to perfection on charcoal or gas.

Pro tip: try this Rustic Grilled EVOO Marinade on your favorite meat or tofu - or use it to dress your veggies, and ditch the store-bought stuff.

Is your tailgate one of the grill-less variety? Whether you call it a hero, wedge, sub, hoagie, or slider - sandwiches are easy (and hearty!) game-day party fare. Our Fresh Thyme and Turkey Panino features flavorful, heart-healthy EVOO instead of sodium and sugar-laden condiments, while our EVOO Poached Tuna Salad scores points for a fresh take on a familiar favorite.

Pro tip: Prepare their ingredients the night before, and they’ll transport easily in a cooler for DIY assembly before the big game.

BELLUCCI - BELLUCCI EVOO POACHED TUNA SALAD (The sandwich version!) from Bellucci Premium on Vimeo.

Every party needs a refreshing salad to round out the menu - but hours in the hot sun don’t bode well for lettuce-based eats. These crisp, hearty salads are tasty and filling - and durable enough to last your crew til sundown. This Crisp Red Bell Pepper Confetti Salad with Farro features ancient grains packed full of proteins and fiber, while our tangy Mediterranean Orzo Salad offers a mouthwatering boost of healthy carbs, dressed in antioxidant-rich EVOO.

Pro tip: Prep salads the night prior, but reserve cheese ingredients until just prior to serving. Seal in an airtight container for cooler transport. Served chilled, or at room temperature.

Sides, Snacks, and Dip
Finger foods really round out the tailgating table - and give guests something to snack on while mingling. We favor plates of ripe fruit and crisp veggies, as they are delicious, nutritious and easy to prep. These Grill-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes are a delicous even at room temperature, and their Spicy Aioli sauce is a great addition to any spread.

And for those who simply can’t live without cheese - our delightful Spicy Ricotta Pinzimonio is a quick and easy whole food alternative to store bought dips. You won’t be disappointed!

This easy EVOO Orange Cake uses fresh orange juice to create a moist and tangy treat which serves a crowd perfectly. Pair it with a few slices of ripe fruit for a sweet finish.

Last, but not least - our most delicious take on a traditional American favorite. These Salted Bellucci EVOO Chocolate Chip Cookies are sure to leave your guests cheering for more. You might want to whip up a few extra batches!

Pro tip: Both of these delicious desserts will keep for a few days in an airtight container. Feel free to prep in advance (but make sure to guard the cookie jar!).

Now that you’re fully equipped to root for the home team - remember to keep your team hydrated. Round out the coolers with plenty of cool, refreshing beverages - and don’t forget the ice!

For more delicious, nutritious recipes from Bellucci - Pour More!

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