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How Bellucci was Born : The Story of Massimo & Marcello

Our founders, Massimo and Marcello, met well into their careers. At the time, they each lead their own co-operative collectives of olive growers.

Both were steadfastly dedicated to the preservation of traditional, small-scale cultivation, and committed to upholding best practices for olive milling. They also shared a deep passion for balancing the rich natural flavors of the olive fruit, to produce a full-bodied Italian extra virgin olive oil with extraordinary depth and taste.

In 2004, they took a trip to the United States together.

As friends, they had often discussed the American love for Italian food, so neither worried about finding something delicious to eat. Together, they set out to find a true Italian meal – bringing their well-seasoned palates and Italian passion for good food along for the journey.

They found themselves wandering from restaurant to restaurant, without any luck. The few establishments that kept EVOO on hand were serving old, tired, and flavorless stuff. No one could tell them where the mysterious liquids hailed from – and they were too stubbornly devoted to good taste and quality to settle.

Marcello refused to eat his vegetables. Massimo wouldn't even nibble on a piece of bread.
They decided, right then and there, to do things differently.

Simply producing the best quality extra-virgin olive oil was no longer enough.

They agreed that people should know where their EVOO comes from, and were inspired to focus their efforts on trust and transparency – ensuring that buyers could follow their EVOO bottles directly from farm to table.

This collaboration prompted the creation of an industry-changing traceability system. Our unique process verifies and tracks the journey of our goods from the root up - protecting the quality and integrity of EVOO, and ensuring the collective livelihood of growers.

It may sound astonishing that a simple friendship and shared dedication could grow into something so great as the Bellucci brand – but that's the story of how we came to be.

We exist, because we believe that both buyers and growers deserve a world in which authenticity and quality are valued and verified.

We grow trust, from the ground up. It's just who we are.

Won't you join us?

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