• Welcome to the Bellucci Family Table

    Where a passion for great homemade food brings everyone together in celebration of authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy the olive oil we use at home with our families.

  • The Fruits of Tradition

    As third and fourth generation artisans, our parents and grandparents taught us methods of olive cultivation that nurture and protect the land.

  • Taste the Beauty of the Land

    The rich aroma of our oil comes from the land beneath the trees in our small family groves. The beauty of the Italian countryside is in every Bellucci bottle.

  • Know the Source of Your EVOO

    We shepherd every drop in every bottle using advanced traceability technology. With our Traceability App, get to know your bottle’s groves of origin and date of harvest.

  • Walk through Our Groves

    We’ll greet you in our homes and show you the trees we lovingly tend year round, as you learn about olive varietals via our Bellucci Traceability App.