In the last 15 years, numerous industrial producers of olive oil have attempted to emulate Italian EVOO. They've cloned Old World olive varieties and imported them into new locations where they use modern intensive methods of cultivation that include high-density growing and the standardization of trees to permit mechanical harvesting.

We know that the best EVOO still comes from trees lovingly tended by hand and rooted in the Italian countryside that is our home. In most of Italy, olive cultivation happens on small-scale family farms where preserving the integrity of the land is a family commitment and traditional practices are handed down through the generations.

Each family grows multiple varietals—a traditional, natural method of supporting crop health and preventing blight. This practice counters the monoculture of large-scale industrial farming, which instead relies on pesticides to protect crops from disease. The quality and flavors unique to each family grove are a source of heartfelt pride.

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