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Bureau Veritas: a Beacon of Trust

What you eat holds direct and measurable impact to health - which is why food safety has become such a hotly discussed topic, worldwide.

As access to different food cultures and environments grows, our eating habits change. Everyday consumers now have the ability to experience a wide array of globally produced goods, and include groceries and food items from far-reaching places in each of their daily meals.

This global demand has resulted in far greater risks to food safety and quality. From farm to fork, grocery goods such as baby formula or extra virgin olive oil may change hands as many as twenty or thirty times prior to arrival at your family table.

Unfortunately, each transfer of custody leaves those goods exposed to potential contamination, tampering, or outright fraud. And when it comes to high-demand items such as extra-virgin olive oil, some studies have shown nearly 80% of products fail to meet reasonable standards for food quality and safety.

Global food supply and agricultural production are vastly expanding industries. They must shift and change rapidly in order to meet growing demands, while still ensuring the safety and integrity of the food supply.

The good news? Quickly mounting concerns surrounding management of food safety and authenticity have sparked a slew of more-stringent government regulations - as well as industry-defined standards and codes of practice designed to protect consumers.

Both agricultural businesses and those involved in the packaging and transportation of foods must verify their strict compliance with these regulations, in order to maintain the highest level of consumer trust.

That’s where organizations such as Bureau Veritas come into play.

Bureau Veritas has conducted independent certification and analysis of consumer goods since 1894. They offer authentication, product tracking, and auditing of production for grocery goods such as extra virgin olive oil, ensuring that their producers meet the strictest standards for food quality and safety.

In conjunction with the International Organization for Standardization, Bureau Veritas has adopted a system of certifications consumers can rely on. They clarify and strengthen assurances of food quality and authenticity, with the intention of boosting consumer trust.

One specific certification, ISO 22005, even allows growers and producers to verify and guarantee traceability of grocery goods back to their origins. For example, Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses its certification to prove that each bottle was sourced from a specific area, meets the highest standards for purity and quality, and can be traced back to a specific grove and harvest.

The ISO 22005 certification involves rigorous testing and verification at each stage of the product journey, ensuring that each and every bottle of Bellucci meets exacting standards for purity, quality, and authenticity. This doesn’t just improve quality control, it provides buyers with the reassurance that their extra virgin olive oil is truly authentic, safe, and ethically produced.

Bureau Veritas certifications such as ISO 22005 are a world-class standard. They verify that your food producers are acting ethically and meeting best practices, so you can rest assured that your food is safe to eat.

Put simply - Bureau Veritas is a beacon of consumer trust. That’s food for thought, indeed!

Want to learn more about how Bellucci supports your health and safety? Take a look at our unique Traceability Tool, which allows you to trace your bottle straight to the source!

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