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Will EVOO Yields Drive Innovation? | Pour More

It’s been all over the news: This year’s olive harvest has been difficult for many, with yields down significantly from prior years. The perfect storm of inclement weather, disease outbreak, and invasion of pests has caused many to throw their hands up in despair. Yet there are others who choose to view it as merely another challenge.

Will EVOO Yields Drive Innovation?

In particular, we’re interested in advances, techniques, and tools which fall into two arenas: those which increase traceability and transparency, and those which help us make the most of each olive harvest, by boosting EVOO yields and reducing waste.

Advances in the first category (such as our recent implementation of blockchain-based ledgers) help us protect the lives and livelihoods of our customers and growers, by improving accountability throughout the food supply chain. Those in the second help reinforce our dedication to sustainable EVOO production, and help us become better stewards of the earth.

While the decrease in EVOO yields for many Italian growers is harsh news, we’re hoping it might drive adoption of new technologies which improve the efficiency of harvest and processing, and increase the amount of EVOO production — even when olive harvests are not as robust.

Most of the recent innovations we’ve seen are focused on improving EVOO yields through more efficient processing. We’ve been following developing technologies such as ultrasonic and electrical pulse extraction, as well as new methods for reducing waste water, and repurposing the pits, fiber, and pulp leftover once EVOO has been extracted from the olive fruit.

We’re hoping that the current downturn in EVOO yields from this year’s olive harvest will act as an inspiration for others involved in EVOO production to do the same.

Focusing on innovation and the implementation of new technologies helps us make the most of the fruits we’ve already grown, while reducing waste and impact on our environment. It’s simple, smart, and forward-thinking. And the end result is a silver lining for all involved.

To learn more about how Bellucci uses innovative technology to provide a fresh take on transparency, pour more!

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