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Why Buy Fresh?

You wouldn't buy old produce – so why would you buy outdated olive oil? Just like your fruits and veggies, your extra virgin olive oil is best when fresh.

After harvest and milling, the bitter and peppery flavors are at their greatest dimension. Seasonal, regional, and varietal characters shine through. And health-giving properties such as antioxidants, polyphenols, and oleic acids are also at their peak.

Both flavor and nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil decline over time - especially with exposure to heat, light and air.  Your EVOO's unique character will fade away as it loses its freshness, and the delight for your palate will not be nearly as great.

Bellucci is committed to freshness in every aspect of what we do.

We handle our olives carefully, milling the best fruits within hours of harvest so that you can enjoy the maximum benefit of their natural fatty acids and antioxidants. We bottle in dark glass to prevent damage from light, and add an easy-pour spout which helps reduce air exposure.

We declare the harvest date of every bottle right on the front label – and then take extraordinary steps to make sure your authentic Italian EVOO travels from farm to table in short order.

When you visit your local grocer, you'll find it easy to determine the birthdate of your Bellucci EVOO. You can even enter your bottle's unique code in the Bellucci app, and trace the details of its origin. No games - no guessing.

Freshness is an important measure of quality. Why would you accept any less?

Look for freshness and traceability at the time of purchase – and you'll make sure your extra virgin olive oil is adding the utmost in flavor and good health to every meal. And, remember – once you bring your Bellucci EVOO home, you can maintain its freshness by storing away from heat, light, and air.

Use it generously – and soon!

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