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Why Buy Italian?

Industrial olive oil producers have done their best to simulate the taste of authentic Italian EVOO – but everyone knows that the best extra virgin olive oil still comes from trees which are lovingly tended by hand. This kind of careful cultivation adds a certain something which is impossible to reproduce by any other method.

In the Italian countryside, olive cultivation happens on small-scale farms, where preserving the integrity of the land is a family commitment. Traditional practices are handed down through the generations – and the quality and flavors unique to each family grove are a source of heartfelt pride.

Each family grows and tends multiple varietals, creating an earth-friendly polyculture – a natural and traditional method of farming, which supports crop health, prevents both soil erosion and blight, and helps protect trees from exposure to damaging pests. This traditional Italian practice counters the process of large-scale industrial farming, and produces the highest quality olives.

Though industrial producers have cloned Old World olive varieties and imported them to new locations, they use intensive methods of modern cultivation – such as high-density growing and monoculture planting – in order to standardize their trees, and permit mechanical harvesting. 

These practices deplete the soil, and leave crops vulnerable to disease and pests, relying instead on the application of chemicals to protect their harvest. Not only is this bad for the land – it results in a commercial product which is lacking both the bold flavor and dense nutrients of naturally grown, traditionally produced olive oil.

We know that the best EVOO comes from the root – specifically, groves rooted and tended in the Old World ways. We're strong believers in authenticity and tradition, and we devote great care to the health of our families, and our land. The choice, for us, is clear.

We buy Italian, because we live Italian – and you should, too.

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