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What it Means to be Authentic: PGI Certified Italian EVOO

You may have noticed that some of our labels celebrate our PGI Certification. You may also be wondering exactly what these initials mean!

It begins with the authentic flavors of Italy.

Italy is a very special place – and everyone knows that our homeland produces the most exceptional high-quality EVOO. Our volcanic soils, warm climate, and endless sunshine create the perfect growing conditions. This is what makes our olives the finest on earth!

With that greatness comes great responsibility – that of faithfully preserving the authenticity of products which originate within our very desirable geographical region. Italian farmers labor to produce the high-quality EVOO the world expects of our homeland – but there are many others who might misrepresent their own inferior products, in hopes of boosting sales to unsuspecting consumers.

This is where PGI Certification comes into play.

Because so many would love to lay false claim to roots in our homeland, the European Union has created precise regulations for safeguarding foods whose excellence relies on a unique combination of human and environmental factors characteristic within a specific geographical area.

These regulations include the use of the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) mark – which confirms the authentic origins of the foods we eat.

Products which bear the Protected Geographical Indication mark are guaranteed to have originated from a specific place, region, or country whose reputation for quality, flavor, or other characteristics are vital to geographical origin. In addition, some portion of the production process must also take place within that defined geographical area.

Why does it matter?

PGI certification preserves the rights and livelihoods of local growers and farmers who work hard to produce the finest in authentic Italian products. It also protects consumers from illegal practices (such as counterfeiting and mislabeling) which can affect the safety, price, and quality of their products.

Only high-quality EVOO which demonstrates strong tradition surrounding growth or production, an inseparable tie with the area of origin, and which undergoes review and certification by an external inspector may display the Protected Geographical Indication seal. This designation is highly desirable, as it sets a superior product apart from the rest. PGI Certification is meaningful to have achieved.

Bellucci celebrates our PGI certifications.

We're not the type to brag – but we're proud to be doing what we can to preserve the authenticity of our cultural heritage, while protecting the rights of our cooperative family groves. We're proud to announce certification of both our Toscano PGI Organic, and our award-winning Sicilia PGI Organic.

Pour yours today – and taste the authentic flavors of our homeland!

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