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Just What the Doctor Ordered—EVOO in Natural Remedies | Pour More

Just What the Doctor Ordered—EVOO in Natural Remedies

While some of those age-old treatments have not been fully vetted by scientific methods, the healing powers of fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oil have been largely verified and confirmed by contemporary research.

For that reason, fresh EVOO is not just an essential item for the kitchen pantry. It’s also an excellent addition to your family medicine cabinet

Here are three ways in which fresh, high-quality EVOO can be used to help boost health and heal your everyday aches and pains.

To aid digestion. EVOO helps you absorb the nutrients you need to maintain your overall health, and it can help keep your gut in excellent working condition. Studies have shown that EVOO aids in reaping the nutritional benefits of the Mediterranean diet and certain vegetables—specifically onions, garlic and tomatoes—when used in cooking. EVOO also helps keep the system regular. For the over 4 million adults in the United States who suffer from irregularity according to The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, EVOO could bring relief by being incorporated into the diet. According to a 2012 study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, regular consumption of high-quality natural EVOO could be the cure for a common problem.

To apply this remedy, take one tablespoon of fresh, high-quality EVOO in the morning, when your stomach is empty. The effects are generally mild, so you can also take another tablespoon one hour after your evening meal. If you aren’t a fan of slurping fresh EVOO solo, feel free to simply incorporate more delicious EVOO into your daily diet by adding a tablespoon to your morning smoothie, or drizzling it on a salad or evening snack. And be sure to use it in cooking your vegetables. You’ll notice the benefits within a few days, in the form of a healthier digestive tract, and over a longer period of time in your overall health.

To soothe a cough. Fresh extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal—the compound responsible for that familiar throaty tingle olive oil experts call pungency. According to recent research, oleocanthal acts as a natural anti-inflammatory with a potency and profile strikingly similar to that of ibuprofen. What does that mean? Well, it means that a dose of fresh extra virgin can help reduce swelling, irritation, and pain caused by the common cold, flu, allergies, or post-nasal drip. It also helps coat and lubricate a sore throat, easing coughs caused by irritation and reducing that annoying tickle.

To apply this remedy in a pinch, mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a little honey (which also has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties) and swallow to soothe the throat. You can also create your own natural cough syrup, by combining ¼ cup lemon juice with ¼ cup of honey, and mixing with ½ cup of warm olive oil. Take one tablespoon every 2-3 hours for gentle, non-steroidal relief from irritation—and give your immune system a little extra boost.

To treat an earache. According to Dr. William Sears, a medical advisor at Parenting magazine and author of The Portable Pediatrician, high-quality natural EVOO can help ease an earache in both children and adults alike. A few drops of fresh extra virgin olive oil inserted into the ear can help soothe an inflamed eardrum, minimize pain, and reduce swelling. It can also help dissolve excess earwax, which is often responsible for blockages that increase congestion and the buildup of fluids which can cause infection.

To apply this remedy, gently warm a small amount of high-quality natural EVOO until it reaches body-temperature. Use a dropper or cotton swab to place several drops into the affected ear canal, and allow to penetrate for several minutes before tipping the head to allow natural draining. Follow with a warm compress—and, if necessary, an over-the-counter oral pain reliever. You can also place a few drops in the ear prior to swimming to help prevent retention of water, which can cause swimmer’s ear.

Remember: This treatment isn’t a good idea for those who have ear tubes, or a ruptured eardrum. If you are experiencing unusual discharge or other signs of infection, don't expect olive oil to act as the sole cure! Arrange an appointment with your doctor for diagnosis, as proper treatment may require use of antibiotics.

To help heal a sprain. Here’s another instance in which fresh EVOO’s anti-inflammatory properties come into play, as a topical treatment for bruises and sprains. High-quality natural EVOO possesses phenolic compounds which can help increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and speed healing caused by impact or sprains, especially in the ankles and wrists.

To apply this remedy, gently warm a small dish of fresh EVOO, and use your hands to apply over your sprain or bruise. Massage gently into the skin over the affected area for a few minutes, 3-4 times per day. Allow your muscles to rest, if possible, by elevating the affected area or simply taking it easy.

Remember, traditional remedies can only do so much! Proper self-care will further enable your healing process, but if you experience severe discomfort, fever, or any increase in symptoms, arrange an appointment with your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Interested in learning more about the amazing healing properties of fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oil? Pour More Bellucci!

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