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Get Fresh with Bellucci at Expo West 2019! | Pour More

The Natural Products Expo is the premiere showcase for upcoming health products and high-quality natural foods, and their famous Expo West event takes place this week just outside of Los Angeles.

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Events range from early morning yoga with Lifeway to discussions of climate change and food system sustainability, as well as presentation of groundbreaking natural supplements, organic foods, and sought-after goods such as authentic extra virgin olive oil. Expo West brings together the best of the industry, all under one roof.

This year, Expo West will include exhibits by world-renowned brands such as Bellucci, who will be showcasing their award-winning extra virgin olive oil at Booth 5130. Bellucci will also be participating in Expo West’s SoapBox Series, a live discussion which will explore the company’s commitment to providing fresh, traceable Italian extra virgin olive oil to global consumers.

Known for their innovative use of technology to verify authenticity and provide grove-to-table traceability, Bellucci is leading the way in the field of food trust and transparency. Recently recognized for their implementation of a blockchain-based ledger to support supply chain transparency, Bellucci delivers authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil worldwide.

Expo West 2019 will be hosted by the Anaheim Convention Center from March 6th-8th, 2019. (Get details or register, here.)

Join us as we explore, celebrate, and sample the world’s best natural food brands and products—and get a fresh taste of innovation with Bellucci!

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