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Contemporary goods - rooted in tradition

We’ve grown from the ground up to form a unique collective - which is why no other words could describe Bellucci so perfectly as the phrase from the root.

Remembering where we've come from helps us define where we're going – from our decision to remain a cooperatively owned business, to our dedication to transparency and sustainable growth.

Bellucci blends modern knowledge and technology with time-tested practices, crafting a strong, sustainable collective. We’re rooted in deep traditions – like the belief that food is best in its natural form.

We promise you won't find any unnecessary additives, colors, or ingredients here. In fact, we leverage scientific discoveries and contemporary tools to encourage transparency – ensuring that each of our products is lovingly crafted and carried from farm to table.

We believe you should know where your food comes from – which is why every bottle of Bellucci EVOO can be traced back to its source.

Growing our business from the root means remembering where it all began – with a beautiful olive grove, a passion for cooking, and the belief that food prepared with heart makes a healthier, happier world.

Don't you agree?

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