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Finishing Vs Cooking Oils — EVOO Faces Off

There are, generally speaking, only two types of edible oils: cooking oils and finishing oils. Just as you wouldn’t use fine wine to marinate meat, using a delicate finishing oil in the frying pan is often a waste — as its ability to highlight flavors will be lost. Using a finishing oil as it is intended can make for an amazing, exquisitely flavorful dish. But not all finishing oils are created equal.

Finishing Vs Cooking Oils

Oils that are less complex in flavor are best for cooking.

They tend to have either less have dimensionality in their flavor, or their flavor is complementary to a wider array of dishes.

Price point is also a differentiating factor.

Many finishing oils are quite expensive. The price tag is often defined by the inclusion of gourmet flavors — despite the fact that many are simply lower quality, neutrally-flavored oils, infused with the aroma or “essence” of more expensive ingredients. Finishing oils tend to degrade quickly, losing flavor faster than their more stable counterparts, which means they must also be used shortly after opening to avoid waste.

Cooking oils can vary greatly in quality, but a high-quality, healthy cooking oil will be reasonably priced. Though it may be tempting to pinch pennies, when selecting the best oil, it’s important to consider the process through which it is produced, as well as its stability and smoke point.

Which brings us to the crown jewel of gourmet cooks everywhere: EVOO.

The unique qualities of extra virgin olive oil make it an excellent choice for both cooking and finishing. EVOO’s minimal processing ensures it retains the highest oleic acid and polyphenol contents of any edible oil, ensuring both its flavorful and stability. Its high antioxidant content prevents both the breakdown of the oil, and the formation of free radicals. This means EVOO outperforms other healthy cooking oils, holding up far longer and better than other minimally processed edible oils, even at moderately high cooking temperatures.

The fresh, robust flavors of authentic EVOO are complementary to most dishes.

Depending on terroir (the unique qualities imbued by the area of origin), the flavors of authentic EVOO can vary greatly. Some EVOO may have fruity or verdant tones, while others may be nutty, spicy, bitter, or buttery.

With a rich mouthfeel and clean finish, EVOO lends depth to dishes, without weighing them down. The versatility and naturally dynamic flavors of authentic EVOO make it ideal for both preparation and finish, though it can also be used to make fresh, DIY gourmet infusions. The options are endless. In fact, adventurous chefs have even been known to use EVOO as a garnish for ice cream!

The most delectable meals and recipes are intricate symphonies of good taste, and EVOO strikes a harmonic note, every time. Satisfy your senses with Bellucci’s Legendary Toscano PGI Organic and Sicilia PGI Organic EVOO — the perfect choice for prep, presentation, and good health. Pour more!

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