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Giacomo Bono

The Sicilian Flavor


Sicilia, Italy
Sicily Region

Region of Sicily

Sicilia, Italy

The Oil

The primary cultivars grown on Sicily—biancolilla, nocellara and cerasuola—are known for their exceptional fragrance and medium oil yield per olive (14% – 18%). This oil is great for cooking over medium to low heat. Much of its robust, grassy flavor remains intact to heighten the full flavor potential of any dish.

The Land

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has a total area of 9,927 square miles and a population of 5.043 million people. Its climate is dry and hot during the summer months, and its soil mineral rich. Along with the Aeolian Islands that surround it, Regione Sicilia constitutes an officially autonomous region within Italy.

The Culture

Long a crossroads of cultures, Sicily’s native arts, music, literature, cuisine, and architecture bear the influence of the Greek and Moorish populations that once flourished there. It’s the site of important prehistoric archeological finds, and the location of one of world’s most well preserved ancient Greek temples.

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