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Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany Region

Region of Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy

The Oil

Moriaolo, leccino and frantoio, the primary cultivars in Toscano PGI Organic, are the most widely grown olives in Tuscany. They produce a medium-high oil yield per olive (16%-20%) that is rich in fruit flavor, strong in spice and flush with the aroma of artichoke. The complex yet delicate character of Toscano is best revealed when used as a finishing oil. Drizzle over fresh or cooked foods such as pasta and salads, or use it to dip bread.

The Land

With climate that is fairly mild in the coastal areas but harsher and rainy in the interior, Tuscany undergoes considerable fluctuations in temperature between winter and summer. The freeze-thaw cycle that occurs in the region supports the health of the soil. Tuscany was ancient Rome’s breadbasket, and it remains among the most pristine growing environments in the world.

The Culture

As the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany nurtured major developments in the fields of science, finance, industry, literature, art, and architecture. Its most renowned residents have included Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Dante, and the Medici family.

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