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Always Fresh, Italian and Traceable

From the Root. Always Fresh. Always Italian.

Trust through Traceability

Growing trust - from the root up

We live from the root. It's an expression which perfectly describes our values and goals - from maintaining our humble beginnings as a cooperatively owned business, to ensuring that every item we make is easily traced back to its birthplace.

READ OUR STORY Growing trust from the root up

Growing trust from the root up
Meet your growers

Meet your growers

Italy is our home, and we all have a hand in nurturing the land. We view ourselves as stewards of the earth, and we want to create a better future - which is why we continue to practice small-scale farming. It's more sustainable, and helps maintain the health and integrity of our countryside.

OUR COLLECTIVE Meet your growers

Cook in the flavors of Italy

Italians pride ourselves on our ability to savor the good things in life - and we're passionate about our food! All of our recipes come from the heart - and their rich aromas and flavors will leave you feeling nourished in body and soul.

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Cook in the flavors of Italy